Month: June 2020

The most dangerous longer-term threat to the world is not coronavirus. It’s nuclear war. The Americans have just achieved a nerve-jingling ‘advance’: a new way to drop a nuclear bomb.

9 June 2020 By Paul Martin

In 1945, two slow-moving American bomber aircraft dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Now, though, tests have proved it’s possible to drop a nuclear bomb from a fighter-pane, the F-15E, according to Sandia National Laboratories.

Sandia has announced the results of the bomb’s first flight trial. It confirmed that the B61-12 gravity bomb can be dropped by the primary fighter plane of the U.S. Air Force. These much faster and much more manoeuvrable planes make it far more difficult to be defended against by anti-aircraft batteries.

A scientist claims there is evidence that coronavirus was manipulated by a Chinese laboratory.

5 June 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 contains artificially inserted “key elements” that show it was interfered with by Chinese scientists, a Norwegian scientist has claimed. The implication is that a research laboratory in Wuhan had produced the amended virus, and it had escaped from the Wuhan’s Virology Institute. China has strongly denied the […]

The head of the virus institute in China’s Wuhan city denies any virus can leak out from his laboratories. But on the institute’s website it claims to be China’s main (indeed only) specialist centre in studying how viruses harm humans. So is it just coincidence that the Covid-19 pandemic started in this city?

2 June 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Wuhan, where the virus causing Covid-19 came from, is the only city in China that houses an institute specialising in viral pathology. This is what the Institute boasts on its website. It describes itself as “the only institute specializing in virology, viral pathology and virus technology among 19 other biological and biomedical […]