Month: May 2020

Complex factors lie behind the high incidence of Covid-19 in Black, Asian and minority communities, says international body.

29 May 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Research published by a major international body has failed to show that racism is the primary cause of the phenomenon, seen in Europe and North America, that members of Black, Asian and minority communities (BAME) resident there are getting Covid-19 fatally at higher rates than others in the same categories.

EXCLUSIVE. Here’s the claim: Racial discrimination is the key cause of the proportionally far greater number of black and minority National Health Service workers dying during the Covid virus pandemic. That’s what a major British broadcaster, ITV News, alleged. However, this claim was based on specious facts and misleading figures. explains.

15 May 2020 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. “A damning indictment of the Health Service,” was how ITV’s main news presenter put it. The ITV News Health Correspondent agreed. It was a dubious claim during a classic journalistic malfunction. The reporting and presentation showed how NOT to do things. Not to rush to inaccurate conclusions from flawed gathering of information.

British government refuses to let grandparents hug their grandchildren – at least not yet.

12 May 2020 By Paul Martin

Britain’s health secretary Matt Hancock has dashed the hopes of millions of his country’s grandparents. ______________________________________________________ You don’t have access to this premium article. To view please purchase a premium subscription by clicking on a subscription link below. Premium Subscription This is a available at £9.99 per month ooo Username Password Remember Me     […]

Little will change in the hospital wards as a new British government pronouncement by the prime minister is expected shortly.

10 May 2020 By Paul Martin

A state-run hospital in London will be rebranding its coronavirus zone signals, sending people they believe have Covid-19 into wards marked up with blue paint rather than the current colour, red. “It’s intended to make our patients feel a little less panicked,” said an NHS nurse to “It can be very disconcerting to literally […]

Stop pouring millions of litres of milk down the drain and send it as powdered milk to hard-hit countries worldwide. That’s the proposal of former British prime minister Tony Blair. He says 8 million more people worldwide are at risk of death from the pandemic’s fatal fallout.

10 May 2020 By Paul Martin

“Dairy farmers seek government help as lockdown forces milk dumping,” was a headline in the Financial Times recently. British television also showed farmers literally pouring excess milk down the drain – unable to sell their usual supplies to the country’s shut-down restaurants and cafes.