Month: December 2019

Back where it all happened. I had been the first journalist to get to the place of the Ceausescus’ deaths. It was the only execution of a European leader since the end of World War Two. But, 30 years later, questions remain about what really happened there.

25 December 2019 By Paul Martin

EXCLUSIVE: By Paul Martin in Targoviste, Romania. The bullet holes in the brown wall have only been partly patched up with white cement. I’m standing on the exact spot where the Ceausescus’s died – in the yard behind the Targoviste military barracks. It looks exactly the same thirty years later – just the trees seem […]

Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife Elena were shot dead 30 years ago as another of the Communist states in Europe collapsed. We meet the executioner who killed them both.

17 December 2019 By Paul Martin

Ionel Boieru can vividly recall the day Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu died thirty years ago – because he shot him dead. He is proud of what he did, believing his actions helped end Communist domination of Eastern Europe. The killing ended a brutal regime whose notorious security police killed thousands. It was 29 bullets from […]