Month: October 2019

Ex-wife says she had no idea her husband was the world’s greatest terrorist. After they split, she was terrified Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi would kidnap their daughter. She’s still in hiding, afraid of the dead maniac’s ‘revenge’.

27 October 2019 By Paul Martin

The estranged ex-wife of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi says his death has saved her from an ongoing terror: that the world’s worst terrorist would kidnap their only daughter and bring her into what remained of his self-declared Islamic State. In an exclusive interview by Expressen, Saga, who is now 31, said that after she had fled […]

EXCLUSIVE: Six months since the church and hotel bombings that killed 259, Sri Lanka’s Catholic cardinal makes a potentially explosive claim about what lay behind them. Not simply, he says, an extremist outburst. He alleges a plot to ‘destabilise’ the country – and decries a government whitewash.

25 October 2019 By Paul Martin

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith, the most senior Catholic in Sri Lanka, has told he suspects the Easter bombings six months ago were “not just an attack of some fanatics”. He believes they constituted a deliberate plot to destabilise his country.

Iran banned from world judo

23 October 2019 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin. Iran’s judo fighters have been banned from competing anywhere in the world – including at next year’s Olympic Games – until the Iran Judo Federation accept that their athletes fight against Israeli athletes.