Month: July 2019

Who was there and said nothing? An Islamist’s 2012 remarks are now ammunition in yet another Labour Party anti-Semitism claim.

17 July 2019 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin – Exclusive.  A prominent Egyptian Islamist who said Israelis were not genuine Jews or “followers of Moses” yesterday insisted that Seumas Milne and Andrew Murray, currently the two closest advisors to Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, were right not to contradict him as they sat together in a panel discussion.

The Zimbabwean government has been accused, by the campaign group Physicians for Human Rights, of failing to protect the health of its people. On a furtive reporting trip saw first-hand how the country’s health system has disintegrated.

1 July 2019 By Paul Martin

By Paul Martin At the age of 29, Charity was about to give birth to her first child in the maternity ward at the Central Hospital in Zimbabwe’s second city, Bulawayo. But there was no qualified nurse there, and no doctor, to observe an irregular heartbeat developing – until it was too late. Local newspaper […]